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Load Balancer API

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#1 serafini

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 02:27 PM

Does anyone have any additional information on v4 API in regards to both querying and creating new services ? For instance, what is the relationship between service_name ( and it's tied_vars ), instance_service, new_service_name and, new_instance_* ?So far, I can pull service_name and the relevant service_* values for each created service however I'm stuck trying to get a list of Real Servers associated to each Service. I've not yet tried to work out the creating yet, but info on this would be GREATLY appreciated as well...I'm testing this system now before we go ahead and deploy this for our current 600 or so virtual services and getting the API working is going to be crucial .. the very idea of creating those by hand kind of makes me ill ;)