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Better control over intent analysis exclusions

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Posted 14 May 2005 - 01:46 PM

We have a client that uses constantcontact.com to distribute a large mailing list (its legit in this case, though many folks who use constantconstanct.com are sending spam -- or at least we view it that way).Constant Constant does include a header which looks something like:X-Return-Path-Hint: ESC(BIGNUMBER)_(BIGNUMBER2)_NUMBER@in.roving.comApparently (BIGNUMBER2) is unique to this customers mailing list.I would love to be able to exclude from intent tagging any email which has such a return path hint (eg: X-Return-Path-Hint: ESC*_[UNIQUE_BIG_NUMBER_FOR_MY_CUSTOMER]_*@in.roving.com anduse this to exclude this from tagging.I tried this in the headers "white listing", but it looks like that has a lowerpriority than intent tagging.So, my question is could you (Barracuda) make a change (possibly justin the order in which things are evalulated) that would allow me tostill 'intent tag' everything coming from constantcontact.com EXCEPTthose items which have this header containing my clients"unique" big number in the X-Return-Path-Hint? Note that the sameESC*_[UNIQUE_BIG_NUMBER]*@in.roving.com shows up as the first"From" line as well (if that helps as an alterative place to find it)My attempts to 'white list' this so far have failed, as it seems that intenttagging takes priority over everything I have tried.Thanks!John Uhleyuhley@vail.net970 949-3318