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Customizable New Media Name for Rotation Set Media

Media Naming

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#1 Scott Frazier

Scott Frazier
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Posted 17 September 2014 - 12:48 PM

Ability to preset Media Names that will be prepended to the currently used name and abbreviate to MinS, HS, DS, WS, MS, YS.  "Daily Set 1" would be "My Media Name - DS 1", "Monthly Set 1" would likewise become "My Media Name - MS 1" and so on.


Implementing this functionality would make it much easier for all off us with multiple backup jobs configured with rotation sets.  Allowing us to quickly see in the library which media belongs to which backup job.


BWYSB currently has the ability to preset the media name for for your backup jobs.  It works fine for jobs setup with no rotation.  However, it is currently usless for jobs configured to use rotation sets.  What we end up with is our media for the different jobs all with the same name.  So, when we are looking at the library we see several "Monthly Set 1" and so on.  Yes, we can rename them, and this helps a little, but, we currently have to wait an entire year (or more) for the rotation to come back around and write to the media again before this name change is seen throughout the application.


Please make this a priority.

#2 Matt Orme

Matt Orme
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Posted 17 September 2014 - 02:13 PM



Thanks for the feedback.


This is actually something we have an open feature request for.  I'll copy your notes into the feature request to be review by development.