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Rotations and sets and questions

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Posted 23 April 2015 - 07:23 AM

I am hoping somebody can explain to me in very simple terms the answers to a few questions.


We have several servers and workstations.  We run monthly full backups and daily differentials.  We have an LTO tape autoloader and a 16 Tb VTL drive set (3 physical drives) to hold the backups.  The disk drive is setup at a VTL with 1 drive and 100 slots.  We were running the jobs interactively bu would like to increase out automation.


1. When we create a custom rotation, say for monthly, folders are automatically created as subfolders of the job - a very poor location.  No matter how many times we move the media to a different folder, YSB still created folders beneath the job.  We have set the media location in the job properties to no avail.  Why is this?


2. Sets:  if we have a monthly backup and mark 12 sets, we get 12 folders.  It seems that the 13th month goes back and overwrites the media from month 1.  But we want to append, not overwrite.  If we try and work around by increasing the number of sets, we get a gazillion subfolders.  How can we append sets instead of overwriting if the media exists?


3. D2D2NE:  Oh boy.  We want to simply run a backup and then have that set copied, i.e. the backup runs to disk and is then copied to tape.  But no matter where we seem to set copy policy, we cannot copy a backup set, only an entire media, which is pretty worthless as it takes the media from disk and dedicates an entire tape or tapes to that, renames them and overwrites them.  We want to copy the backup sets and not overwrite the copy device's media.  How do we do this?


4. The VTL is configured with 1 drive.  We tried setting it to 2 or 3 drives, thinking then we could run multiple operations on it simultaneously.  But even with >1 "drive" it still always does "device is busy" if "drive 1" is in use.