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Barracuda Phone System Firmware version is now 100% EA

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#1 Nicholas Belluni

Nicholas Belluni
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Posted 26 May 2015 - 12:08 PM

As of today the Barracuda Phone System firmware is now 100% EA.

Summary of new firmware:
This is a maintenance release that includes provisioning support for Patton analog and PRI gateways, Upgrades Polycom VVX firmware to 4.1 and 5.2 where compatible.
This release also contains the rebranding of the system from CudaTel to Barracuda Phone System and over 100 bug-fixes.
Release Notes:
  • Feature: Added provisioning for Patton TDM gateway models SN4970/1E15V, SN4114/JO. [BNPH-11200, BNPH-11083]
  • Enhancement: Added a system for displaying warnings about significant or important changes in firmware updates before installing [BNPH-11177]
  • Enhancement: Supported Polycom endpoints tag RTP and SIP frames with DSCP values 46 and 34, respectively. [BNPH-10939]
  • Enhancement: Call Detail Records optionally display outbound call legs. [BNPH-11265]
  • Enhancement: Polycom SoundPoint and VVX series phones firmware upgraded to revisions 4.1 and 5.2, respectively, for models that are not EOL. [BNPH-11295]
  • Enhancement: System backup can optionally archive Call Detail Records to decrease firmware upgrade time and improve system performance. [BNPH-10335]
  • Enhancement: Added branding to Polycom VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 600 [BNPH-11525]
  • Fix: Overall product branding updated to reflect 'Barracuda Phone System'. [BNPH-11382, BNPH-11528, BNPH-11526]
  • Fix: Corrected behavior on Patton SN4960 and SN4980 PRI hunt order. [BNPH-11197]
  • Fix: Corrected Patton SN4118 tone profiles, message waiting indicator and Caller ID for North America. [BNPH-11205, BNPH-11339, BNPH-11340, BNPH-11342]
  • Fix: Corrected ability where you are unable to edit global Action Sets in certain scenarios. [BNPH-11281, BNPH-11288]
  • Fix: Multiple external hardware ports can use the same destination number. [BNPH-11087]
  • Fix: Added T.38 re-invite selection to external hardware ports. [BNPH-11324, BNPH-11326]
  • Fix: Corrected ability to view and filter group and queue reports. [BNPH-11447, BNPH-11729, BNPH-11720, BNPH-11742]>
  • Fix: Resolved certain internal call scenarios which are incorrectly reported as external calls. [BNPH-11273]
  • Fix: Resolved certain call scenarios using Advanced Call Routers that skews calls_in and calls_answered. [BNPH-11446]
  • Fix: Corrected issue where after deleting per-user caller ID, internal extension used for external caller ID. [BNPH-11313]
  • Fix: Corrected ability to set layer 2 clock source on ISDN External Hardware Ports. [BNPH-11198]
  • Fix: Per-user directories are no longer uploaded during Polycom provisioning cycle. [BNPH-10428]
  • Fix: Message Center now displays fax failure cause. [BNPH-11223]
  • Fix: Resolved certain calls scenarios involving Automated Attendants resulting in system instability. [BNPH-11632]
  • Fix: Internal process monitoring improved to limit system instability. [BNPH-11480]
  • Fix: Resolved issue where certain call scenarios involving transfers to voicemail result in call recordings not being performed. [BNPH-11374]
  • Fix: Resolved system instability issue when large numbers of providers are configured. [BNPH-11338]
  • Fix: Polycom SoundPoint and VVX series phones will not swap '**' to '+'. [BNPH-11167]
  • Fix: Resolved certain scenarios involving Direct Inward System Access that fail to route calls to internal extensions or providers. [BNPH-11024, BNPH-10874]
  • Fix: Resolved issue with LDAP sync on some browsers [BNPH-11455]
  • Vulnerability: Fix for FREAK CVE-2015-0204. [BNPH-11665, BNSEC-5674]
  • Vulnerability: Improved web server security. [BNPH-11818, BNSEC-5488]


#2 Nathan Timperley

Nathan Timperley
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Posted 11 June 2015 - 02:09 PM

Due to the exceptional field performance and very low number of issues reported from the field, our has gone 50% GA.