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Can't Save to Saved for Offline Access

cudadrive offline access

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#1 Gerald Vinci

Gerald Vinci
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Posted 26 June 2015 - 04:18 PM

I'm not able to SAVE to the Saved for Offline Access... I can open from there, but when I try to save I get an error message... saying cannot access the file if its open and I just hit save. If I'm trying to save a NEW file to the folder it says: File not found... which is weird... of COURSE its not found, I haven't saved it there yet. How can I fix this??


If I try to save to the regular FILES folders I'm good to go, but if I try saving to the offline version I get an error. 




On a side note, if I choose to save a folder for offline access, all of the subbolders still just have the CHECK and not the Thumbtack. Is this ok? Will those files infact be available offline? Or do I need to save each sub folder the same way too? Please clarify. 

#2 Zack White

Zack White
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Posted 28 June 2015 - 11:42 AM

Hi Gerald,

Looks like I was wrong about protocol for accessing data that you had saved for offline access in my reply to you in the other thread. The Saved for Offline folder is currently read only, so nothing can be saved to that folder. You'll need to edit the from the Personal/Files directory in CudaDrive if you would like to save changes to them. We've gotten a lot of feedback on this, and may be working on changes to the Saved for Offline section to allow for easier access and editing of files. I apologize for getting that wrong before.


If you choose to save a folder for offline access, everything inside of that folder, including subfolders, are saved for offline access, and will end up with a checkmark overlay.

Zack White QA - Copy

#3 Gerald Vinci

Gerald Vinci
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Posted 28 June 2015 - 12:14 PM

Therein lies the confusion I think. If you can't save to it, than whats the point of it being accessible offline? This is a big deal for me because if I'm traveling I need to know my entire file system is accessible regardless of my internet connection.


And I need to be able to save them back to the same place I opened them. Otherwise its creating a massive amount of inefficiency and the potential for something to get lost or overwritten is massive.


am I making sense here? I've removed Copy from my computers to move towards CudaDrive since it sounded like the better option but now I'm not so sure if working from or accessing these files if not connected to the cloud will be a problem.