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More Requests (copied from a very old post of mine)

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Posted 15 September 2005 - 01:34 AM

'd like to setup some automatic admin classifications. Lets say... 1) Score > 7.0, classify it as spam. 2) Sender is Whitelisted, automatically classify as not spam. 3) Reason = Intent, classify as spam. 4) Reason = Spam, classify as spam.I'd also like to search by more than one criteria in the log, and have to option to view only items that have not been admin classified as there are many pages to go through when you get 5,000+ messages a day hitting the Barracuda, even for a small company like mine. Another thing, in the admin view, it would be nice to be able to add a selected item to a whitelist for the intended recipient and not the entire unit ("add to user whitelist"). Whew I keep thinking of more things to add! I'd like to make custom reports and email a user - their full email history, or anything else I search for, directly from the Barracuda. Also as of late, the farking spammers are getting smarter, and having spams simply as a single jpeg for their viagras and pharmacies and other crap. This, they get below my 3.8 threshold of getting quarrantined and too many come through as tagged. So, perhaps Barracuda Central could have info on certain images to be added to the intention analysis? More info about the storage statistics of the unit. I know my box is at 18% capacity, but I need more details! How many messages stored in quarantine, how many are just spams and not purged? Would like an auto purge for items over 60 days old, etc.... I'd like some command line access as an admin, since I write scripts to add new clients for my hosting. I script adding DNS entries, web server accounts, AWStats, mail accounts and would like to automate my Barracuda setups.... I'd like to be able to add whitelist items across an entire domain, and keep it in sync for that domain without having to mess with that checksum thing..... Thanks Victor Owner of a 'Cuda 300 for a 1.5 years....