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Email Security Gateway - Attachment Filter


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#1 Gregory Klocek

Gregory Klocek
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Posted 21 April 2017 - 09:35 AM

For the Email Security Gateway,

Please add two USER OPTIONS on the "Block/Accept => Attachment Filter" webpage ...


Option #1 = [ Enable / Disable ] "Process the Attachment Filter, even if the IP Address is White Listed"

Option #2 = [ Enable / Disable ] "Process the Attachment Filter, even if the Email Address is White Listed"


Currently, ALL "Attachment Filters" are DISABLED when the email is White Listed.

I do not want my Barracuda to ever BY-PASS the "Attachment Filters" list.


When an IP Address or Email Address is White Listed it is OK to By-Pass the Bayesian SPAM Test 

but I do not want the Barracuda to ever By-Pass the "Attachment Filter" Test

because we received an email with an attachment that contained a TROJAN  !!!

The Barracuda did NOT block the email with the INFECTED attached file.

Then the user installed the Kryptic.AP TROJAN from the email !!!


When I say, "BLOCK an attached file" ... I mean, "BLOCK the attached file".

No if's, and's, or but's about it.


NOTE: By DEFAULT leave these two new options OFF, which will allow full backwards compatibility.