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Get rid of need for Java on SSL VPN

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#1 Bud Gifford

Bud Gifford
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Posted 03 May 2017 - 02:01 PM

Since almost all browsers are or have already de-supported Java I am finding great need for the SSL VPN to work fully without Java being a requirement.  Perhaps html 5 or something.

#2 Gavin Chappell

Gavin Chappell
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Posted 03 May 2017 - 03:07 PM



As explained in this thread, feature development for the standalone SSL VPN appliance has been "halted" in favour of developing the equivalent features built into the NextGen Firewalls. These offer a Java-less solution in the form of CudaLaunch. "HTML5" itself is not a feature, but a "presentation layer" around the features provided by the SSL VPN - the only feature with much HTML5 support was RDP but it was found to scale poorly and ultimately abandoned. The other features have no HTML5 presentation, so HTML5 as a whole was not a replacement for the Agent anyway.


I'm aware that this is not the answer you were hoping for, but your options at this point in time are to look into the Standalone SSL VPN Agent (which is the same Java code, but without the need for a browser plugin), or to investigate the Remote Access functionality of the NextGen Firewalls.

#3 Bud Gifford

Bud Gifford
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Posted 10 May 2017 - 07:47 AM

Thanks much for the detailed reply.  Here is our problem.  We bought the SSL VPN for ease of use by our remote users who are mostly persons that have difficulty with computer use.  The SSL VPN makes that easy for them.  It is easy for them to use the "Network Connector" and be on our network to use tools normally only available from being directly on our network. They generally do not have the skills to set up he stand alone agent and many are not locally located for us to do it for them.  So, we are becoming severely diabed.  Other than them using IE or some old browser that still supports Java which is a bit of a security issue.  So we are hoping for a fix for the SSL VPN as we do not have the $$ for a NextGen Firewall.  That is even if the NextGen Firewall has SSL VPN access.  If the NextGen Firewall does support this, can the SSL VPN be traded in for the NextGen Firewall? 


So, whe you say development on the SSL VPN has been halted, are you saying it is being de-supported and is at end of life?  If so we can start shopping for another brand that will be able to replace it with the SSL VPN feature that we need. One that we can hopefully afford without buying a full blow firewall.  Unless full credit is give on the SSL VPN by Barracuda toward the firewall purchase.


This is putting us between a big rock and very hard, hard place.