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WSG firmware is 100% EA

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Posted 22 June 2017 - 01:21 PM is now 100% EA, replaces


Full release notes are available at https://campus.barra...F/ReleaseNotes/



Highlights for this version are listed below.


What's New in Version 12.0

  • Policies
    • Dropbox Web Application Support - Added support for Dropbox for business. Configure on the BLOCK/ACCEPT > Web App Control page.
    • HotSpot Shield & Anonymous proxy protection - Configure on the BLOCK/ACCEPT > Web App Control page.
    • Typosquatting Protection - Typosquatting relies on mistakes like typographical errors made by web users when typing a URL or clicking on a misspelled website address in the browser. This feature checks for common typos in a clicked or manually typed URL domain name. When a common typo is discovered, the service redirects the user to a web page indicating that this might not be the legitimate site they intended to access, and provides the correct URL. Includes Dashboard statistics. Configure on the BLOCK/ACCEPT > Configuration page.
  • SSL Inspection
  • Simplified configuration on the ADVANCED > SSL Inspection page. No need to specify Transparent or Proxy mode. Does not apply to Barracuda Web Security Gateway 410Vx.
  • SSL Inspection certificate wizard simplifies selection, creation and upload of SSL certificates.
  • Options to select multiple categories from a list to inspect, exempt domains from SSL Inspection, inspect traffic from specific networks, and inspect traffic for specific users/groups.
  • Restriction on number of domains that can be inspected on lower models is removed.
  • ECDSA keys are now accepted for uploaded root certificates. Configure on the ADVANCED > SSL Inspection page.
  • Added Google admin LDAP service support. Provides the ability to associate Google Directory Service users and groups to your organization's local Active Directory. Supports lookup Google Directory Service on Reports, Exceptions, SSL Inspection page, and Temporary Access. Configure on the USERS/GROUPS > Authentication page.
  • Support for Temporary Access feature.
  • Support for time-based policies.
  • Barracuda Chromebook Security Extension
  • Application log now includes Username and Destination IP address.
  • Virus Scanning - Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enhancements - New statistics display on BASIC > Dashboard page as well as local caching of results. Improved speed of detection and block rate for subsequent downloads of infected files in the network.
  • Miscellaneous




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