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#1 Troy Solis

Troy Solis
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Posted 04 September 2017 - 11:15 AM

Hey Guys, 


We are new to the cloud to cloud backup. In setting this up for one particular domain, we have issues with only a few accounts within Onedrive. I setup all the permissions the same way and have double checked them on these accounts to make sure that wasn't the issue. Files seem to be backing up however In my report I get this warning for these few accounts: "Received an invalid response from Microsoft" 



Does anyone have any ideas? 


#2 Barbara Hall

Barbara Hall
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Posted 06 September 2017 - 02:17 PM

Hi Troy,


I was getting the same thing, if you look at the errors ours were either Notebook or an email address with OneDrive at the end. Barracuda told me that the one piece they do not back up is NoteBook. I just went in and took the check mark off that folder and let the staff know that Notebook is not backed up. 

#3 Timothy D. O'Leary

Timothy D. O'Leary
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Posted 07 September 2017 - 02:04 PM

I've been having the same issue with notebooks and shortcuts to notebooks.  I was also just informed that notebooks aren't supported and am not happy about.  Notebooks are crucial to a lot of our processes. In any case, maybe Barbara can tell me where she "went into" to uncheck the notebooks from the backups.  I can't seem to figure out where the backup folders are enumerated so that you can uncheck select items.



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