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Compare Size of Data Stored Locally vs Cloud

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#1 Shawn Purviance

Shawn Purviance
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Posted 19 January 2018 - 04:40 PM

I am very new to the Barracuda backup system.


I have a Barracuda Backup 190.


When I look at my dashboard through the web interface it shows I have 101.9GB stored Local and 15.2GB stored on the cloud.


I have my sources setup to replicate to the cloud.


Would you expect to see that big a difference or did this get setup wrong.

#2 Tony Jordan

Tony Jordan
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Posted 26 April 2018 - 05:39 PM

I have noticed this on our system as well.  We have over 3 terabytes on our local unit but the cloud dash shows 706 GB.  The only thing I can think of is that it may have something to do with the retention policies and the way Barracuda consolidates the data versions and backs up only what is relevant.  Kind of scary, but I did a bare metal restore of one of our servers from the cloud once and everything on that server seemed to get restored.  


I hope I'm write.

#3 Chris Huff

Chris Huff
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Posted 24 May 2018 - 11:14 AM


#4 Jordan Nolan

Jordan Nolan
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Posted 18 February 2019 - 06:01 PM

I was just about to ask the same question myself.  I have the 690 with 12 TB protecting 6 TB of data protected.  This is taking up 8.5 TB local storage on the appliance and 3.3 TB in the cloud and I have been running the appliance for a year.  My suspicion is we are not getting the de-duplicatation or compression on the appliance as we think or at all, but it is being de-duplicated in the cloud.


There have been times where I have taken several snapshots of my servers over the course of a couple of weeks and I notice a remarkable similarity in the amount of disk space I am taking up on my storage compared to the Barracuda appliance.  If I am to believe my dashboard figures that say I am getting an 82% reduction in my data then my local storage should be way less that it is now.  


My Day 1 backup with no DD should be 6 TB and with an 82% reduction that the Dashboard says I am getting it should reduced to 1 - 1.5 TB.  With an appliance retention policy of 7 days local/off, 4 weekly local/off, and 12 monthly all off, 7 yearly all off, I should have about 12 incremental snapshots on the appliance and about 24 in the cloud by now.  Lets say the 1.5 TB DDup is correct and I have a change rate of about 10% per snapshot (very high) then 3.3 in the cloud is not unreasonable.


But I can't see how we are getting DD on the appliance when I have 6 TB of data and only incremental changes for up to 4 weeks and it is taking up 8.5 TB on the appliance.  That is about 140% of the protected storage.  I would suspect I would take up the same amount of storage on a USB device if I did a full uncompressed backup and added 12 incremental over the same period.  Even back when I was using Backup Exec to tape I would easily get 1.6 to 1 or better with just standard compression and I am not getting anywhere near that on the appliance.