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The "Ghost" Product

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#1 Johnny Lee Conroy

Johnny Lee Conroy
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Posted 07 February 2018 - 09:26 AM

We just purchased PST Enterprise.  I'm a little surprised, and a little nervous, too see clues that there are very few installs out there.  It's buried under "C2C", which probably has some historical roots to its name but isn't at all intuitive as the umbrella for PST Enterprise.  You can't open a support ticket for the product on the website.  Calling in a ticket I could tell that the call handler may have never heard of it.  It took a while for her to figure out how to create a ticket for it and she explained that someone would have to call me back once they found someone who knew anything about the product.


Once I had "C2C" associated with it I was able to find this empty forum with zero posts in it.


Doesn't bode well.


Anybody else out there using this?  Is this a relatively new acquisition for Barracuda, or is it just such a niche product that there are few installations?  Is it being actively developed?


Anyway, I just opened a ticket with support for advice on how to clean up from the installation.  During the install you can choose to include an instance of SQL Server 2008 Express.  As part of the install configuration you can choose where you want this instance to install.  We reserve our C: drives for the operating system only and always install applications to a secondary drive (in this case E:).  I chose that drive and created the necessary folder structure, but it still installed the database instance to the C: drive.  (It did properly install the product itself to E:.)  Now I'm figuring out if I need to completely uninstall everything, create an instance first and direct PST Enterprise to use that instance to get it where I want it, or if there are shortcuts I can take to move it to the proper location.  I'm guessing a total uninstall and re-install, which will be a bummer because I had already applied a license key and started configuring the product before I realized the database was on the wrong drive.


Not the end of the world, but the combination of a pretty basic installation failure and the almost complete invisibility of the product on the Barracuda support site is not leaving me very confident.

#2 Johnny Lee Conroy

Johnny Lee Conroy
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Posted 12 February 2018 - 12:57 PM

After not hearing back from tech support for 5 days, I went ahead and uninstalled everything, then downloaded and manually installed SQL Server Express 2012 R2 to the correct location off of our C: drive, then re-installed PST Enterprise.  We're where I had wanted to be after the first install and everything seems to be functioning correctly.


The take-away is if you want to use a local instance of SQL Server Express and you want it installed somewhere other than its default location, install it manually first.