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Outbound Email Scanning

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#1 David J. Fischer

David J. Fischer
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Posted 23 February 2018 - 01:08 PM

We have generally been happy with our switch to Barracuda ESS, and our users have had few complaints, however the number one issue that gets brought up to us is the sensitivity of the outbound email scanning. It is unacceptable for Barracuda to have the false positive rate that it does on outbound email scanning. I know there is some BS going around from Barracuda about reputation and keeping spammers off its system etc. I understand the general idea behind being aggressive here, but when it effects the ability of our users to send (obviously) legitimate emails to clients and suppliers we have a real issue. If Barracuda wants to continue to be the name in security products they need to understand that false positives like this are going to kill them. The biggest culprit seems to be the intent analysis flagging URLs as being bad despite the fact that they are clearly perfectly safe websites. There is no way to turn this off, or to add URLs to a white-list, or to otherwise lower the amount of time I need to spend manually releasing these emails. Instead of adding Advanced Threat Detection that only kind of works sometimes and other such non-sense marketing crud, I really need Barracuda to polish the existing protection they have in place (or better yet give us some control of how aggressive it is going to be).

#2 Michael Parkin

Michael Parkin
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Posted 24 April 2018 - 03:07 PM



Have you sent examples of the ones you believe are mis-identified to Barracuda Support?  Something is obviously triggering the block, but without examples it's impossible to tell what it is.




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