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Outlook Disconnects with Exchange via WAF Load Balancer

Outlook Exchange WAF Load Balacing

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#1 Michael Yaeger

Michael Yaeger
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Posted 23 March 2018 - 09:23 AM

We are seeing an issue, where Outlook clients are getting disconnecting from Exchange for 15-60 minutes randomly.  We are using the Barracuda WAF to "load balance" the connections to the 2 backend Exchange servers.  The 2 Exchange servers are set up as a primary and failover, so unless there are issues, all traffic goes to the primary.  If we use a hosts file to bypass the Barracuda, and go directly to the primary Exchange server, the issue seems to disappear, which would indicate something with the Barracuda WAF is causing issues.


I have been unable to find a best practices doc from Barracuda for this scenario (only one for their actual load balancer which has different settings).  Has anyone seen this, or have an idea what could be tweaked on the Barracuda to resolve?

#2 Aravindan Anandan

Aravindan Anandan
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Posted 04 April 2018 - 04:06 AM

The most probable reason for this behavior would be the session time out setting in the edit page of the service. The default setting is 60 seconds which can cause the session to time out if there is no data transfer. Increasing the timeout value or removing the setting completely should alleviate the problem.