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One User Cannot Log In - Account Locked


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#1 Alex Wright

Alex Wright
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Posted 03 May 2018 - 02:56 PM


We have one user who is having loads of difficulties logging in (he happens to be another engineer as well). Basically it says it is locked out, so he resets it through the link that is sent to his email, but then it says those credentials are invalid, which eventually leads to him being locked out again, etc. I can log in fine via the admin portal, but if I try to log in the traditional way with his credentials, it does not work. We have tried resetting it via the reset button, I have logged in via the admin portal and changed his password that way, and we have removed his user altogether and then re-added it, none of which worked. All other users can log in just fine, and he can log in through the administrator account just fine as well. Is there an "unlock" user button that I am missing?

Thanks in advance everyone!


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