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Using ArcGIS Web Adaptor behind Barracuda LB ADC ?

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#1 Troy Martin

Troy Martin
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Posted 11 May 2018 - 05:50 PM



We are trying to stand up a new ArcGIS Enterprise Server environment behind our Barracuda LB 540 ADC device.  Hopefully someone else out here in Barracuda land has already tackled this problem. 


The proposed traffic flow will look something like this:  Client machine <---> Barracuda <----> ArcGIS Web Adaptor <----> Portal for ArcGIS 


ArcGIS techs at ESRI have told us that the Portal for ArcGIS requires the ArcGIS Web Adaptor in front of it.  They also pointed us at this page for info on how to use a reverse proxy server with their product:




My questions for this community forum (and any Barracuda engineers who might be monitoring the forum hint, hint) are:


1)   What is the Barracuda ADC equivalent of the Apache Web Server's "ProxyPass" and "ProxyPassReverse" parameters?   


2)   Does the Barracuda ADC support "gzip encoding" and can it be configured to allow the "Accept-Encoding" header?  If it does, how do I configure this for a specific service?  This type of header will allow the HTTP 1.1 response to be compressed using gzip encoding.  Apparently, the ArcGIS Portal application relies on this compression to speed up responses.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.  At this point, I'm looking for both specific answers as well as any general suggestions on how to address the need to insert a web adaptor (aka proxy server) between the Barracuda ADC and the real server.