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Are a running VM/agent installation required for Hyper-V VM restores?

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Posted 14 May 2018 - 02:20 PM

The subject pretty much says it all. Is there any way to tell Barracuda to "do this restore" and have it handle the entire process? Or am I stuck spinning up another template VM and then restoring the backup onto it? And if so, is there at least a way to do it without having to install the Barracuda Agent?


Latest W10/Server 2016 x64 versions for all machines involved - VM, host, etc - and I'm simply trying to figure out if there's a way to start a restore from within the Barracuda Backup Console and have it do all the rest. As it stands, with Hyper-V VMs at least, if we're trying to do a restore from a "direct" backup of the machine, it treats it like a physical to physical, which doesn't work out entirely well. Otherwise, it asks to do the full baremetal restore process if you tell it the destination is a VM, which isn't really an option, or stand up a VM and install the agent if you want to restore a backed up VM's system state/files to another existing VM.


Thanks in advance!


Ttl:dr - is there any way to restore a VM from an agent-on-host backup of the VM without creating a whole new VM/clone of a template VM?