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Content Filter Exceptions for Outgoing only applies to HIPPA and "Privacy" ? Need to make custom filters and allow exceptions.

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#1 Lance Adams

Lance Adams
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Posted 07 June 2018 - 02:22 PM

I need to be able to censor attachments, the subject, or the body of an e-mail that may have a credit card number or a Social Security Number (SSN).


Right now, the pre-defined filters will stop me from sending a SSN like this:  444-44-4444


If I add my e-mail to the "Exception" list, it still does not let me send.


If I try to send 444444444 in the body with no hyphens, it allows me to send.  It also allows me to send if I remove the exception, leading me to think it does not apply to your custom filters.


I have also created a custom filter with 444444444 as the "pattern" and I am still able to send it without hyphens.


Last, if an attachment (text file) contains 444444444, it needs to be filtered. I seem to only be able to block file names or specific types of files.  How does the "Scan" option work here?


Thanks for any help.

#2 Jaybone

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Posted 13 June 2018 - 08:14 AM

Good luck.  We've been asking to get exceptions and improvements to detection to be implemented for this type of stuff for years.  Example: we get tons of false positives for SSN on scanned pdf attachments, when the copier's OCR mangles the ZIP+4 on our letterhead (it adds a space between the third and fourth characters), so it comes out as xxx yy-zzzz