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Firmware 9.2 is now available as an EA release to all customers

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#1 Tushar Richabadas

Tushar Richabadas
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Posted 14 June 2018 - 01:24 AM

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall version has the following important enhancements:
  • Integration with Gemalto’s Safenet Luna Network HSM to support FIPS 140-2 environments
  • Integration with Barracuda Reporting server
    • Export logs for long term retention
    • Generate reports on BRS
  • ​Support for GDPR compliance
    • Encryption of Logs and Problem Report using configured key
    • Backup files can now be encrypted using configured Key
  • Enhancements to Access control
    • Support for handling IDP initiated SAML Single Logout for multiple authorization policies
    • CRL updates are now downloaded 5 times every 24 hours.​
  • Enhancements to Role Based Access Control
    • Support 2FA for Admin Access. Introduced Dual Factor Authentication to provide additional layer of security
  • Enhancements to API v3
    • Comprehensive role-based administration capabilities with granular controls and complete API coverage for all operations has been added
    • The performance of REST API's (v3) GET requests has been improved​
  • The lockout feature has been enhanced to support per service lockout of the violating client IPs
  • Networking enhancements
    • The WAN interface (Eth0) can now be part of a bond on all multi-port models
    • Users can now deploy virtual appliances with multiple ports (apart from WAN & LAN)
    • Virtual instances now support 10 Gig bit Ethernet Interfaces. [BNWF-27243]
Some issues of note that were fixed:
Fix: OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 1.0.2o to address multiple vulnerabilities. [BNWF-28911]
Fix: OpenSSH has been upgraded. [BNWF-18487]
Fix: Global CSRF settings are now inherited by newly created URL Profiles. [BNWF-8962]
Fix: The "Barracuda AppSec Control Center" is now renamed as "Barracuda WAF Control Center". [BNWF-27751]
Fix: The “SNI” option has now been removed for FTPSSL service. [BNWF-28620]
Fix: HTTP Responses from the WAF Admin pages will not include the Server header. [BNWF-28636]
Enhancement: WAF will now trigger auto repair/recovery of the configuration database if it is corrupted, reducing possibility of loss of logs in such cases. [BNWF-20087]
Enhancement: HTTP Compression when content-type contains "+" works now. [BNWF-26258]
The complete list of enhancements and bug fixes can be found at:release_notes

Tushar Richabadas

Product Manager - WAF and ADC