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measuring content filters count on the ESG

filters content count user interface

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#1 Kevin Goebel

Kevin Goebel
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Posted 21 June 2018 - 11:02 AM

I do the day-to-day filter editing on our Barracuda 600 Spam Filtering Appliance. Recently my team leader tried enabling the Predefined Credit Card filters (on the Block/Accept tab, Content Filtering page) and it failed. He contacted Barracuda technical support and was informed our Content Filter count was as 1455 and we are required to be below 1415.

I was assigned the task removing unnecessary content filters. After removing 314 lines (600+ filters as many were multiple filters per line), I tried enabling the Predefined Credit Card filters and it failed again. After trying and failing to come up with the number 1455 from my list of original filters, I contacted

Barracuda technical support (Barracuda Case : 02941935) and asked:

1. What are the system limits for filters? (ie, total unique filters, total lines in filter list, total character count, etc)

2. How can I look up the count of our current filters?

I was told there currently is no method of measuring how many content filters are currently being counted on the ESG available on my end. I was not given any hard numbers/data figures on how many filters are allowed.

I am requesting this be included in a future firmware update. I would like a page that displays both the limits (in numbers, total file sizes, however it's allocated) and reports how much of that allotment all of our various filters (content, allowed and blocked user/domain lists, ip address, etc) are currently using.

Somewhere along the combination of actions of removing more filters, upgrading our firmware to the current version, and restarting our appliance, the predefined credit card filtering became usable. I would still like to be able to see a filter count.

Thank you,

Kevin Goebel

Serial #: BAR-SF-4728**
Firmware v8.0.3.004 (2018-02-13 08:07:12)
Model: 600
Virus definition v3.7.1.19738
Spam definition v3.2.3.52184