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Can't connect to a Network Share when it sits on an Active Directory Server - HELP

VPN Client AD

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#1 Mark Lindquist

Mark Lindquist
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Posted 11 July 2018 - 12:29 PM

We have our NG F80 VPN configured (by Barracuda Tech Phuc) and it works fine.  I installed agents on Laptops (Windows 10) for users to connect to our network (Server 2008 r2) to get to their own internal shares and applications as configured in our Active Directory while they are away from the office as required.  This also works fine.  HOWEVER... the PROBLEM is when the network share resides on an Active Directory server, no user can connect to said share(s) using the VPN tunnel, not even ADMINs.  In the office everyone with rights connects without issue (especially admins).  The same share and security created on a NON-AD Server, connects fine.  We have 2 AD servers on this domain.  Using a Hotspot (to mimic external access) on a laptop with the 5.0 AGENT and logged on as an administrator (rights to EVERYTHING) can not even reach the share on either AD server.  Can anyone offer any solution (aside from moving the 200 gig folders to a NON-AD server)?  The support tech assigned to this case is clueless and offering garbage for an answer.

#2 Michael Zoller

Michael Zoller
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Posted 12 July 2018 - 02:18 AM

Try these steps to figure out if it is a networking or a windows configuration issue. The firewall cannot tell if the user is in the domain or not, that is handled by Windows.


To check for networking issues:

  • Check the FIREWALL > History pages right after attempting to access the networks share via client-to-site VPN.  If there are blocked connections between the two IPs of the client and server create access rules to allow these  connections
  • Then check the FIREWALL > Live page - access the share again and look at the State column of the connections. If traffic is not flowing both ways, routing between the server and the client IP in the Client-to-site VPN may be the issue or an access rule blocking this traffic. Check the connection object on the access rule allowing access from the C2S VPN to the server. If this is the case fix routing, or use source NAT on the access rule allowing clients access.

If none of these things are the issue, it is most likely an Windows/AD issue.

#3 JeWe

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Posted 13 September 2018 - 07:30 AM

Also ran into this using CudaLaunch, look here: