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Barracuda Message Archiver Firmware 5.2.2 Released

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Posted 25 March 2019 - 09:50 AM

The Barracuda Message Archiver firmware 5.2.2 has been released as general availabilty. It should be available to all customers in the next few weeks. This is a major release that adds new features and includes several bug fixes. Highlights of the 5.2.2 firmware include:​​

New Features
  • Admins may now see what tasks other users are running on the Search page's Tasks tab. [BNMA-12131]
  • Admins may manually run retention policies at any time from the Expert Variables page. [BNMA-8633]



  • Enhancement: Improved retry logic for Exchange Integration. [BNMA-19542]
  • Enhancement: Improved logic for connecting Exchange Integration jobs if the Autodiscover options are invalid. [BNMA-20053]
  • Enhancement: Improved retry logic for Exchange Integration jobs that failed entirely but also had failed users. [BNMA-19910]
  • Enhancement: Exchange Integration Autodiscovery retry logic improved. [BNMA-19660]
  • Enhancement: Added support for BDAT verb during SMTP journaling. [BNMA-16273]
  • Enhancement: Admins may choose to include folder data in exports when using "Search As" feature. [BNMA-4831]
  • Fix: The UI and client webserver no longer hang if the Archiver cannot check for updates to clients due to firewall configuration. [BNMA-20571]
  • Fix: Prevent displaying exports on federated Barracuda Message Archivers if they contain no data. [BNMA-20490]
  • Fix: Updating the firmware on virtual machines created from the image or older no longer prevents booting after the update. [BNMA-19960]
  • Fix: System drives no longer fill to capacity when a Storage Mirror goes offline. [BNMA-19393]
  • Fix: Admins can now delete journal accounts if the configured server is unavailable. [BNMA-20464]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration no longer fails to log in to Exchange when multiple HTTP challenges are presented during one attempt. [BNMA-19766]
  • Fix: Exchange integration tasks against Exchange environments with heavy named MIME header usage no longer fail. [BNMA-19750]
  • Fix: Export filenames on federated boxes no longer replace special characters with underscores. [BNMA-18263]
  • Fix: Exports with special characters in their filenames now correctly download from federated machines. [BNMA-18042]
  • Fix: Self-signed certificate generation no longer creates invalid files. [BNMA-18280]
  • Fix: If authentication is disabled for stub retrieval and reporting, report's attachments can now be downloaded without authenticating. [BNMA-16105]
  • Fix: The Archiver no longer displays an error when following links from stubbed messages in Outlook Web App. [BNMA-16046]
  • Fix: Retrieving a stubbed attachment whose filename contains special characters now works as expected. [BNMA-15522]
  • Fix: The filter is now correctly copied when copying an Exchange Integration job that targets specific folders and/or Personal Archives. [BNMA-19742]
  • Fix: Non-ASCII characters in stubbed message bodies now display correctly. [BNMA-19685]
  • Fix: Disabling NFS backups on the ADVANCED > Backup tab now correctly disables the NFS share. [BNMA-19682]
  • Fix: Distribution groups added to a user's whitelist are no longer expanded to include all members of the group as well. [BNMA-16297]
  • Fix: The search engine now correctly rejects non-existent dates such as February 31st. [BNMA-19643]
  • Fix: Retention policy changes now display in the audit log. [BNMA-19595]
  • Fix: Exchange Integration are now verified on firmware update to avoid jobs failing after the update. [BNMA-19391]
  • Fix: No longer erroneously remove the Advanced Folder filter when editing the server configuration of a nightly Exchange Integration task. [BNMA-19344]
  • Fix: Email attachments of type "multipart/appledouble" now process correctly without corruption. [BNMA-19145]
  • Fix: Configuration backups to the cloud no longer report "Successful" even if they failed. [BNMA-17972]
  • Fix: The dashboard now loads for Barracuda Message Archivers in Chilean time zones. [BNMA-17206]
  • Fix: Global Catalog Server option is no longer inaccessible when manually creating an Exchange Integration server configuration. [BNMA-21282]
  • Fix: Exports no longer show option to include folder data for admins not using the "Search As" feature. [BNMA-21246]
  • Fix: Download window for exports from the Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service now displays correctly. [BNMA-20970]
  • Fix: A notification no longer appears when the Barracuda Message Archiver cannot check for mobile app updates. [BNMA-20909]

​You can view the full release notes for the Archiver firmware at the following URL: http://updates.cudasvc.com/cgi-bin/view_release_notes.cgi?type=maware&platform=2&version=



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