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Death of Barracuda ESG?

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#1 Kurt

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Posted 11 July 2019 - 03:35 PM

Firmware hasn't been updated since November 2018, nothing in beta.  Are feature requests even worthwhile?  Recently, we are seeing an influx of weird "bulk" spam email getting through filters.  Supports answer was to implement the CPL "Cloud Protection Layer".  The CPL will identify and successfully block this "bulk" spam email.  Unfortunately, at this time the option isn't available on our physical appliances.  My question is why?  No answer could be given.  I would like to have an inbound bulk spam email detection option on our physical appliance like in the Cloud Protection Layer.  Thanks.



#2 Michael Manning

Michael Manning
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Posted 17 July 2019 - 02:59 PM

I get the feeling barracuda is 'encouraging' subscribers to move over to the cloud. Word through the channel partner grapevine supports this. A barracuda representative can support or refute this as they see fit.

#3 Jens Hildenbeutel

Jens Hildenbeutel
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Posted 18 July 2019 - 05:27 AM

Actually, I expect the ESG to be no further developed, as more sophisticated attacks require more and more local ressources to be detected - which cann simply not be delivered by a standalone appliance. For myself, ATP is the reason to switch from ESG to ESS as well as I simply do not want to deal with tens of thousands of fakemail flooding in every single day, consuming my bandwidth and compute for nothing at all. I stick to ESS now and have closed all relevant ports for anonymous email traffic.

#4 Thibaud Maes

Thibaud Maes
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Posted 30 July 2019 - 04:42 AM

Whether we like it or not, Barracuda is following the cloud trend of it's customers and focuses on that part. This I can understand.

What they do now is bring out all new features in ESS (e-mail security service) and brings only a subset of these to the CPL (cloud protection layer) of the ESG (e-mail security gateway).

I do not agree completely with Jens' comment above, as ATP is perfectly possible without a cloud protection layer. Other vendors do that, by using the same service as Barracuda (LastLine). Maybe not all features, but most of them are perfectly implementable on an appliance. If that means reducing the load it can handle, than so be it and specifications should be adapted in order for the customers to choose the right model and older models simply shouldn't get the firmware update, as they did before.


What I do not agree with, coming from Barracuda, is that they lowered the ESG development close to zero and, at the same time, increase it's price with 25%. I'm sorry but making the customers pay more and on the other side not doing efforts doesn't get much respect from me.

OK, they port a small number of ESS features to ESG customers, through the CPL, "for free" (LOL), but don't call that "much efforts" and for sure not worth the 25% increase...

ESG development doesn't cost 25% more, as it's low to zero, ESG marketing doesn't suddenly cost 25% more, ESG selling and shipping doesn't cost 25% more. Maybe the hardware is, due to Trump's relation with some Asian countries, I don't know...


It surely looks like getting the most money out of something the'll be throwing away in the (near?) future...