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Deploying Barracuda SSL VPN Appliance in DMZ with DUO 2factor Authentication

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#1 JFord

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Posted 13 July 2019 - 11:14 AM

Deploying Barracuda SSL VPN Appliance 680 in DMZ
AD user databases
DUO for 2 factor Auth
2 Vlans - internal and DMZ
Primary Interface configured for DMZ
Secondary Interface configured for internal lan
DUO using Radius proxy
All above works

However I have to open the remote support tunnel to make connections to the appliance via the web login .- the internal interface wont respond to ping or https connection otherwise
I then created static routes to the internal subnets which solves the issue with  connecting to the internal interface - no longer requires the remote tunnel open.
However the static routes break AD and Radius  Authentication - so I have a stable connection to the appliance but AD and Radius authentication stop working
Any help, advice, questions would be much appreciated..