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Upgrading to 8.0.1

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#1 Michael Manning

Michael Manning
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Posted 12 September 2019 - 01:57 PM

OK, first, I'm not in a rush to do this, but I was reading the migrations notes and it is explicitly called out that Barracuda recommends to do a clean install due to the following reasons...


"Firmware 8.0.1 has been refactored to meet the increasing storage demands also for upcoming releases. For this, the internal disk of the firewall must be repartitioned to provide enough space already at the startup of the firewall. This is the best opportunity to prepare your firewall for future firmware releases with increasing storage demands."


I'm assuming this means for ALL devices? Fresh install of 8.0.1 off a USB drive onto my F280?



#2 Joel Herda

Joel Herda
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Posted 13 September 2019 - 03:25 PM

I have a brand-new F400 that shipped with 7.2 on it, and before starting any testing or deployment, I updated to the brand-new 8.0.1 firmware by using the download-and-update feature in the dashboard.  This is our first NextGen/CloudGen firewall, we have about eight other Barracuda devices.


Instructions (or a link to instructions) on how to do a "clean install" versus "update" right in the Release Notes or in the Migration documentation would have been a big help. 


Searching for "clean install" in the product documentation search yields no results.


Is there any documentation for people with implementations already configured on how to "migrate" or restore a config after doing a clean install? (Not that I have anything in my config yet other than what was needed to get the box up and running with an accessible network connection for administration.)


I'm pretty amazed by the lack of information and documentation.

#3 JeWe

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Posted Yesterday, 04:46 PM

>> I'm pretty amazed by the lack of information and documentation.


Same here. As 8.0 was for cloud only, first question for me was: Can I also upgrade?  Looked into dashboard (we run 7.24), upgrade is offered. Hm... Information is pretty thin. No interest in upgrading and reconfigure for hours and hours. If this is sufficient, don't know if we have configured which something which won't run afterwards.

First idea: We have a spare unit and I'll try a fresh install next week (booting with 8.01-ISO), then I try to restore our 7.24-config. Just to get a first impression and see possible things we can stumble about.