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The dreaded ampersand

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Posted 03 November 2005 - 07:57 PM

Can someone please fix the interface so that if your entry includes and & it either A) gives you a "hey dummy... no ampersands" or B) it converts the ampersand into something harmless or C) it just removes and ampersand....Why? We have lots of rules that involve AT&T for various security services and other functions required by 3rd party vendors we deal with that use AT&T resulting in us receiving bulletins etc. We put a comment in about it and if I forget and type AT&T instead of ATT the entry is just plain dumped. This happens in just about any comment area on any of the domain/recipient/ip/etc block and accept rules.Would be great if you came up with an automated way to deal with that instead of it probably breaking your sql insert and dumping.Also the ability to update rules instead of just delete them and recreate might be nice too in case of a minor typo or something