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Advanced Thread (Cloud) with ESG 100 issues

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#1 ShaneR

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Posted 17 February 2020 - 10:29 AM

I just deployed a model 100 hardware appliance with ATP cloud based service.  They are linked together fine and appear in the Barracuda Cloud Control.


Under Cloud Protection Layer, I add the domains to protect, and change the MX records on my DNS server.  There is one more field in there for each domain, "mail server".


Question 1:

Why does "verify ownership" not work well? 50% of the time when I enter the DOMAINS tab it shows one of my domains as "yellow flag/incorrectly deployed MX records".


Every time I click the DOMAINS TAB, I get a different mix of green and yellow flags, even though the records on my end aren't changing.  This seems very inconsistent.


My MX records are as follows

aaaaaa.com. 599 IN MX 99 antispam.xxxxxxx.com. (current/old antispam appliance)

aaaaaa.com. 599 IN MX 1 d21xxxxxa.ess.barracudanetworks.com. (cloud provided MX records)

aaaaaa.com. 599 IN MX 2 d21aaaaab.ess.barracudanetworks.com.


Even if I remove the "99" record, it stlll will only verify my records every other time I click the DOMAINS tab.


I believe that I read that the MAIL SERVER is supposed to be the IP/domain for the barracuda itself.  Is that correct?


Question 2:

the new mail routing path goes like this for me:


Sender's email server->Barracuda Cloud (Cloud protection layer MX record as above) ->back to my new model 100 appliance ->sent inside the LAN to the email server


This path WORKS - however, no statistics are showing up at all on the model 100 dashboard.

It looks like all the emails - which are routed through the Cloud and back to my barracuda, bypass all processing on the hardware device and go straight to the email server.


if that's the case, what is the point then of having the model 100 hardware appliance if it isn't doing any processing?


Same online in my Barracuda Cloud Control interface.  The CPL shows statistics, and the stats from the model 100 are empty.


What am I missing?




#2 Michelle Exner

Michelle Exner

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Posted 18 February 2020 - 03:48 PM


We show the warning flag when the MX records have any data in them that is not pointing to the ESS MX record for your domain.

Having other records allows a spammer to bypass our service and send you mail directly.

On your second question I would recommend that you call into Barracuda Support so they can review your Model 100

The mail log should have in it the mail passing through it. 



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